Viking Self Storage
Coronavirus Position Statement

Customer Access 24/7 Unchanged

Storage Businesses Permitted to Remain Open during Lockdown Periods

General Statement

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, as ever, the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of our colleagues, customers and visitors is of utmost importance.

We have taken sensible steps to ensure that safety, whilst continuing to enable our customers to access their stored goods, move into storage, out of storage as necessary, and operate or facilitate their businesses from our premises.

The spacious nature of our storage facilities and the infrequent access by many customers makes it unlikely that social distancing will be difficult. In fact often corridors are entirely empty for hours at a time. We therefore consider that access to a storage unit is a very low risk activity.

We are open for business and to serve our customers’ needs

Our reception is open during all of our advertised office hours:

Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm
Wednesday until 6.30pm
Saturday 9.00am – 5.00pm
Sunday Closed

Storage and distribution has been listed as one sector which can be classified as essential, and therefore may stay open for business, even if other businesses are closed by lockdown events. This is because:

  • Many other essential businesses and public sector organisations use storage as part of their daily operations. This includes the NHS, Police, Social Services, Housing departments, Foodbanks, and others who’s work remains as important now as it ever was.
  • As businesses and individuals are hit economically and socially by the effects of the pandemic, there can sometimes be a sudden need for storage. For example businesses who will need to remove a lot of furniture or equipment from work places to enable social distancing in shops, offices, factories, etc.
  • As the government tries to relax lockdown measures there are economic activities which actively require the availability of storage space, such as house moves, renovation works, etc.

Measures to Protect our colleagues

We ask customers and potential customers to contact us by phone or email whenever possible, and only see staff in store where it cannot be avoided.

If you do need to see a member of staff in person, strict social distancing will be adhered to throughout your visit and face coverings are required to be worn.

Doors to reception may be locked on your arrival so that staff can control the number of people coming in and out. Press the intercom button or phone the office number if you are unable to attract staff attention.

Delivery drivers are instructed to leave deliveries in designated locations from which staff will retrieve them.

Encouraging new customers to complete paperwork online, and providing copies of documents by email rather than in hard format.

We have removed customer chairs from our reception desks and encourage customers to stand or sit at least 2 metres from the desk. A separate desk has been provided for customers to complete paperwork away from staff work stations.

Colleagues have ample access to face coverings, disposable gloves, anti-bacterial wipes and other cleaning products to maintain a clean working environment

Measures to protect our customers

Our staff in store are regularly cleaning areas which are most often touched by people, this includes keypads, lift call buttons, door handles and trolley handles.

We have removed incentives for customers to congregate or stay in areas where they may come into contact with others.

We are advising only one person to use a lift at a time, and wherever possible passing in corridors should be avoided by some people taking an alternate route to their destination.

We continue to recommend that customers should only attend a store if they need to and should minimise the number of visits they make.

Ongoing review

We shall continue to review our response to the health, safety and wellbeing of colleagues and customers as directed by government scientific advice and in liaison with our teams.

Please understand that we may need to make changes quickly and may not be able to communicate these with everyone as soon as we might like.

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