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When you're planning your removal and storage needs, here's Norwich's Viking Self Storage guide to making the whole process simple:

  • Pack your possessions in good quality, regular shaped storage boxes. Have a look at box shopfor special offers on our boxes, or pop into Viking Self Storage in Norwich - See our location and opening times.
  • Don't overfill your boxes.
  • Pack heavy items in small boxes, so that they're easier to lift. You can use a marker pen from Viking Self Storage to mark as 'heavy', or some fragile tape for the breakables.
  • Label or number the boxes so you can easily retrieve specific items later. Make a list of what's in which box and keep close to hand.
  • Protect your fragile goods with our full range of bubble wrap and foam loose fill from our Boxshop.
  • When boxing up china and glass don't wrap in newspaper as the print can stain your crockery, instead wrap in tissue Paper or bubble wrap, both available from Viking Self Storage in Norwich.
  • Wrap table and chair legs in bubble wrap, and cover the edges with shrink wrap prior to transporting or storing. All available from the Viking Self Storage Box Shop in Norwich.
  • When storing clothes, the hanging rail Wardrobe boxes from Viking Self Storage Norwich stop clothes creasing.
  • Plan your storage unit layout before you start filling it. Place heavy or bulky items in your unit first to provide a solid stacking base, and then add lighter items on top.
  • Do not place heavy items on sofas or mattresses, as this will put pressure on the springs.
  • Make the most of the height in the unit by stacking regular boxes on top of each other with the contents description or box number clearly visible.
  • Place items you may need to access more frequently nearer the door
  • Cover loose curtains, cushions and soft furnishings with our full range of plastic sheeting.
  • Stack chairs seat to seat and cover with dust sheets to protect them.
  • Secure and protect white goods from scratches with shrink wrap or dust sheets during transportation and storage.
  • Empty and clean refrigerators and freezers. Leave doors open to prevent them getting mouldy whilst in storage.
  • Wrap pictures and mirrors with bubble wrap before stacking them on their end in boxes marked with fragile tape.

If there's anything else you need to know, ask the experts at Viking Self Storage in Norwich - we are the experts after all. Visit us in store or call us.

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