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What's the cost to your business of missing just one call?
How many of your customers have gone to a competitor because your phone was on voicemail?
Does keeping customers waiting for your reply reflect your business as you would like?
Do you waste time trying to return messages to find that you have to leave a message as well?
Do you simply let your phone go to voicemail when you are in a meeting, then never have enough time in the working day to call everyone back?

Get access to the reception service you need without the cost or hassle.

We provide vital PA services and support to businesses in Norwich. All of our assistants are highly experienced professionals with backgrounds in the corporate world.
Why not allow us to take your calls and in a lot of cases give the basic answers needed by your callers.

How it works

We will provide you with a unique phone number which all your business calls will be directed to.
Our professional telephone staff will answer the call with your business name, take the caller's details and the nature of the call.
We will then text or email you with all of these details.

You can also specify which callers you would like.

Call the team at Viking Self Storage now - 01603 974964 or email us

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